A letter from Rev. Barbara Duguid:

Hello everyone:
First of all, let me thank you all for your faithfulness throughout this period of testing and separation. We have managed to keep things going at the church but we are struggling still. Please pray that the Lord will provide for our needs especially in these next few months. The world has been forced to readjust its ways of doing things. The Church is no different. We must adapt or expire. And so we are looking towards the future and the uncharted territory that we are entering. To help us in that exciting transition I am taking some time away from pastoral duties in order to review the many webinars I had attended last year including yet another one tomorrow. The topics covered are from preparing for a hybrid church (in person and online); to strategic planning and visioning; to handling conflict within the church. I will also be planning the worship services for Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday next week, Feb 17th.
I will be ‘away’ from tomorrow, February 12th to February 19th. I return to work on Saturday, Feb 20th. During this time I will not be available for pastoral duties. If you have a pastoral need or an emergency, please call your elder or Margaret Horrigan. The minister taking my place for any emergencies is Rev. Deon Slabbert. If necessary, Margaret will get hold of him. Worship on February 14th: This Sunday the elders of the church will prepare and present the worship service. I hope you all tune in and encourage them in this ministry. We are indeed blessed to have such gifted elders who are willing to share their skills and gifts for the work of the Church.
I pray that you will have a good and safe week. And, if you have not sent in your offering lately, please take advantage of our e-transfer option. It is easy, safe and quick. The email to send your donation to is james1winstonmpc@gmail.com.
And please pray for me too, that I will be equipped to better lead us all into a bright future for Malvern Presbyterian Church.
God bless you all. Rev. Barbara