About Us

We are a small, diverse, loving church family. Looking to grow and spread THE WORD.

We are a WELCOMING CHURCH – inclusive of all.

Can we pray with you and for you?

Our weekly worship is held on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Our worship blends contemporary and traditional styles, affirming our historic roots while taking seriously the issues of life today. In addition, a full slate of opportunities for Christian growth for all ages is offered.

God expects Christians to be a community working together in the knowledge of His Word to attain His purposes in their lives and in the world.


Do you have a Children’s Worship Programme?


Do I have to get dressed up for Church?


We do not dress to impress each other, but we do wear the best we can as a sign of our respect for the King in Whose presence we gather.

Do you have a music ministry?


Do you offer Bible Study?

»Yes – Mid week.

Why should I attend church?

»Many people confuse living a good life with being a Christian and believe they can be a good Christian without going to church.

But, to be a Christian is to attend worship and TO BE THE CHURCH.

Several young families residing in the new Malvern Community came together in January1974 to accept the challenge of forming the nucleus of a Presbyterian Congregation in the Malvern Community. Worship services were held in Berner Trail Public School. Our founding Minister was Keith Boyer.

Malvern Presbyterian Church was officially established as a congregation of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, on April 3, 1977. At this time we worshipped in neighbourhood schools.

In September 1981 we moved into our building at 1301 Neilson Road. The building was a Church Campus shared by Malvern Presbyterian and The Anglican Church of the Nativity.

Our thanks to Mr. Russell Little, whose foresight and concern for the church enabled the purchase of the church site at a favourable cost due to the “Little-Nickle Agreement” of 1958 when Mr. Little’s land was expropriated by the Government of Ontario to make way for the present Malvern Community.

We believe that God is present in today’s world “reconciling the world unto himself” through Jesus Christ.



Hello. I have been the minister at Malvern Presbyterian Church since June 2015. I have settled in quite well with the congregation and the community. I especially enjoy the warmth and fellowship that Malvern offers to all who grace us with their presence.

I was born in Montreal and have lived in the area my whole life. I have been active in my home church for many years as a member of the Women’s Guild, a Sunday School Teacher, the Sunday School Superintendent ( 15 years ), and an elder for 8 years.

Full time ministry is my second career.   After working for 34 years at Bell Canada, I retired and went to school full time for 3 years : McGill University and Presbyterian College in Montreal.

During my third year of study I was a student minister at the 2-point charge of St. Andrew’s Huntingdon and Athelstan Presbyterian Churches. After graduation I was called to these congregations full time as their minister. I was there for 5 years. This was a rural charge and I fit right in with the warm country folk and their way of life.

I am just as happy with the people of Scarborough and surrounding communities. This is a wonderful place to do ministry. The opportunities for mission are all around us. The Malvern community has many dedicated organizations of support for families and individuals who are in need. I look forward to working more with the various agencies that are part of life here. And I am proud that so many of the people of my congregation volunteer for these organizations and in the hospitals of the area.

Ernie, my husband of 42 years and I , enjoy the good spirit-filled music that we find in worship here. I enjoy the life of ministry and I am enthusiastic about serving the Lord under His power and leadership.

One of the things I enjoy and appreciate most is the place that prayer has in the people of Malvern. I feel blessed to be part of this dedicated and faithful gathering of saints. May God continue to bless them and help me to be a good minister to them.


Baby Savannah’s baptism – 2015


Group Baptism and New Membership – 2015