ORDER OF SERVICE – Sunday April 7, 2022
Delivered by Elder Richard Dravid

Call to Worship (Read Together): Annabelle Dravid

Scripture Reading: Exodus 17: 1-11 & Romans 1: 8-11 Liam Dravid

Gospel Reading: John 12: 9-19 Richard Dravid
Gathering Prayer Richard Dravid

Hymn: What a Friend We Have In Jesus Annabelle Dravid

The Message: Miracles Through Prayers Richard Dravid
Prayer of Adoration & Confession Richard Dravid

Hymn: Million Little Miracles – YouTube

Prayer of the People and the Lord’s Prayer Richard Dravid

Prayer Of Dedication Richard Dravid

Closing Hymn: Count Your Blessings – YouTube

Benediction Richard Dravid

Hymn: Go Now In Peace Annabelle Dravid