ORDER OF SERVICE – December 19, 2021 Advent IV-  In Person and on Zoom

Welcome and Announcements – Annabelle Dravid

Call to Worship:  Lighting of the 4th Advent Candle (Love) – Mickson & Divina Addo

L: Love is a gift of God.

P:        Love burns in our hearts.

L:         Love is warmth in a world that is often bitter and cold.

P:        In Jesus Christ, we receive God’s gift of love.

The candle of love is lit

L:         Let us pray:

P:        Source of light, shine in our lives and in your world with your  unending love. Through Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Gathering Prayer  – Arona Bridgebassie

Prayer of Adoration – Richard Dravid

Prayer of Confession (in unison)

Merciful God, our baptism proclaims the washing away of our sin and the start of our new life in Christ.

But we confess that we still live in sin.

We sin against you and one another, in what we do and in what we fail to do.

We take comfort in familiar habits and traditions and resist the “new thing” that you are doing.

Forgive us when we mistake the comfort of familiarity for the peace you offer us in Christ Jesus.  Prepare our hearts to embrace new ways of following him, for we pray in his name.    Amen

Hymn:   O Come All Ye Faithful

O.T. Scripture:  Psalm 136: 1-9Natasha Rambarran

Gospel:  Luke 1:26- 33; 2: 4-14Natasha Rambarran

The Message:   The Greatest Love of All

Hymn:   Showers of Blessings

Prayer of the people and the Lord’s Prayer

Thanks for Offerings:

Email address for direct deposit:     james1winstonmpc@gmail.com 

Dedicatory Prayer

Hymn: Go Tell it on the Mountain


Closing Hymn:   Go Now In Peace