In accordance with the teachings of the Scriptures and the historic Christian Church, we believe in One God Who has revealed Himself in three distinct ways:(1) as the Father Who loves us; (2) as the Son, Jesus Christ, Who became human to show us God’s love; and (3) as the Holy Spirit Who fills every open heart with that love.

We respond to God’s love by worshiping Him and by becoming channels of His compassion through serving other people. In this way we seek to be the Body of Jesus in our community.

When we gather for worship, we offer opportunities to experience Christ’s healing, affirming Presence by meditating on His Word, receiving the Sacraments, singing God’s praises, and praying for each other.

Our service to others includes aiding the needy in our neighborhood, supporting worthy community causes, and responding generously to appeals for relief from around the world.

We are a place in which people of other faiths and of no faith may safely explore the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus.


We cordially invite you to join us in worship, fellowship and service.